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Oh wow, Steffi!

steffi graf 2Steffi Graf and son, I like. / Photo from

A website that I regularly visit brought me to these pictures of Steffi Graf.

At the close of her ATP tour, she posed for the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated.  I don’t remember the date of the issue but it was maybe 1999. I kept the copy for a while and only gave it away when it hit me that I neither could wear those bikinis nor play tennis. This truth still stands, sadly.

I admire Steffi for the physical discipline she has imposed on herself. Not many women in their 30s and 40s and slinging motherhood have the fortitude to keep excess weight off.

Me? The only time I don’t lug around excess weight is when I fly. I travel light. (I hate taking small planes because I am weighed at the check-in counter. I see that I am heavier than most of the passengers from my seat assignment, which is the one closest to the cockpit, and it’s not my bag that accounts for much of my total passenger weight.)

Steffi, I like. (Thumbs-up sign here.)