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In some parts of Loon

In parts of Loon, a town in Bohol, there is a different way of playing chess and basketball. The rules of the sports are the same but the skills required to play them are somewhat unorthodox.

Take chess. Ordinarily, you sit across your opponent and use your arms and fingers to move the pieces.

But in Cabilao Island, a prime diving destination in Loon, you need to use your entire body to play chess. The wooden chess pieces are huge and conclusively heavy. You lift a pawn with both hands. You straddle the horse to move it. You bend and lift or you bend and push. It’s like moving furniture.

cabilao-1The chess set in Polaris Resort, Cabilao Island

By the time you have made your third move, you have sweated a bucket. You pray your opponent is not a sore loser and hits you with the rook. If it’s any comfort, he can’t throw you the chessboard. The photo above explains why.

In Mocpoc Sur, playing basketball requires consideration of plants. For reasons that defy sports and landscaping logic, seedlings are being planted in the middle of the basketball court.

cabilao-3Hedged plants in the middle of a basketball court in Mocpoc Sur

The basketball rings have not been removed, giving the impression that it remains a basketball court.

In remote barrios like Mocpoc Sur, there is no open space more ubiquitous than a basketball court. During the barrio fiesta, the basketball court is converted into a dance court.

The plants are hedged in the middle of the basketball court in Mocpoc Sur. The players will need to upgrade their dribbling and passing skills to include plant evasion. It will be a skill specific to the basketbolistas of Mocpoc Sur. Kobe will die of envy.

Because in parts of Loon, time is enjoyed by doing nothing and anything. I love Loon. I really do.

(Photos by Friar Tuck)


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