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Honoring mangroves & planting Federer

I’m glad the ATP season is over and I can now commit my time to people other than RF.

RF didn’t get back his top rank and he failed to defend his Shanghai Masters title, but he closed the year with an extraordinary and back-inconvenienced three-setter against Andy Murray.

His loss to Murray at the Shanghai Masters didn’t rankle as much as his loss to Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon did because Murray eventually lost to Nikolay Davydenko in the semis.

This time, I vented my disappointment by planting mangroves in Olango Island the next day. And so, unknown to my host, a mangrove in Olango is being grown in honor of Roger Federer. Hah! Not even Mirka has ever done that for RF.


The tennis masters (Photo from AFP)

I enjoyed the Shanghai Masters because it gathered some of the more goodlooking players and the best players in the ATP. It was unfortunate that Nadal, who qualifies in both categories, missed out on this year’s Masters Cup due to tendinitis.

Had Nadal played, the dynamics of the matches would have been different. Had he and RF faced off again, it would have been torture for me. A win or loss by RF in this match would probably send me planting mangroves in the entire Olango island and I would never be able to stand up straight again and then I would send RF a picture of me with my curved back along with a note: “This is what I have become because of you. Lovelots.”


Post script on Jayson Werth

BBA-WORLD-SERIES-The mitt of the matter (Photo from AFP)

A father holds sentimental thoughts about his son and contemplates a future for him that brings with it his father’s past.

Whatever hopes Jayson Werth has for his son most likely include a spot in the baseball field in the major league.

Werth comes from a long line of baseball players. His grandfather and an uncle had played in MLB, and his dad in the minor league. His stepfather had also played with the NY Yankees. At one point in their baseball careers, Werth, his grandfather and his uncle had played for the LA Dodgers.

For Jayson Werth and his son, there will be more runs batted in, assuming, of course, his son won’t turn to wrestling. In that case, there will be smackdowns instead of homeruns.

BBA-WORLD-SERIES-Perfect! (Photo from AFP)

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